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Our laboratory started in May 2006 at the Genetics Department of the Biology Institute (UFRJ). As a team, we have already conducted research in places such as the Amazon, Rio Doce, Antarctica, and Abrolhos. Our goal is to develop impactful and quality science, and to collaborate with the training of researchers and professionals. Currently, we work mainly in 4 areas: microbial diversity, reef systems, omics, and marine biotechnology. 

       Microbial biodiversity, encompassing studies of metagenomes, biosensors, genomic taxonomy (e.g. cyanobacteria and new species with ecological and biotechnological relevance);


       Reef systems and ecological models predictive of health, diversity, energy and matter flow in coral reefs (eg Abrolhos, islands, GARS). Dynamics and modulation of prokaryotes in marine systems;

       Omics (meta genome/transcriptome/proteome, ecogenome), including Guanabara Bay and Cabo Frio upwelling, Abrolhos, oceanic islands (Trindade, São Pedro and São Paulo), Amazon, and river environment (Rios Doce, Paraguaçu, San Francisco) in a pioneering way for the development of biosensors;

       Marine Biotechnology encompassing the discovery of new bioactive molecules with application in the industry.

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