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Biodiversity studies include clinical, industrial and environmental settings. We have shown metagenomes may be used as biosensors. These biosensors are relevant tools to improve the health of mankind and the environment.


The study of coral reef systems aims to better understand the structure and functioning from a molecular to systems perspective. To this end we embrace studies from the molecular to the systemic levels using a variety of tools and approaches. For instance, in one pionner study we stlaibhsed the first ecological model for the Abrolhos reefs. We also demonstrate the far reach of the ore mud from the Doce river in Abrolhos bank.


Virus are fundamental elements in the functioning of the ocean and in their hosts. We are keen to unravel the virus diversity across environmental gradients and holobionts. Studies underway evaluate virus in different environments, including Abrolhos, the Amazon, and the poles.


New molecules derived from the marine biodiversity are studied to obtain new therapeutic products. Early stage studies suggest bioactive molecules are present in marine biodiversity and, in the future, may be harnessed into industrial, clinical, and environmental bioproducts.

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